Meeting Schedule

Attending your first meeting?

There are no costs or requirements to attend meetings, you do not need to be a member. Just a desire to stop drinking/using. Pick a time and come on in! Closed meetings are only for people who self identify as alcoholic/addict, or think they might be. Open meetings are open to friends and family who support you.

If you think you might need help,
All of our meetings will welcome you!

(AA) Alcoholics Anonymous
(NA) Narcotics Anonymous 

(HA) Heroin Anonymous
(CA) Cocaine Anonymous

(Al-Anon) Support group for loved ones of alcoholics


(AA)   9:30am - 10:30am (Closed meeting)

(AA)   11am - noon (Closed except 2nd Sunday of the month. Open speaker meeting)

(AA)   7pm - 8pm (Closed Big book meeting)


(AA)   Noon - 1pm (Closed topic meeting)

(AA)   6pm - 7pm (Beginners open meeting)

(AA)   7pm - 8pm (Closed 12 x 12 meeting)

 (NA)    7pm - 8pm (Closed meeting)


(AA)   6am - 7am (Closed meeting)

(NA)   Noon - 1pm (Closed meeting)

(NA)   6:30pm - 7:30pm (Closed meeting)


(AA)   Noon - 1pm (Closed topic meeting)

(AA)  5:30pm - 6:30pm (Closed bucket meeting)


(AA)   Noon - 1pm (Closed meeting)

(NA)   6pm - 7pm  (Open meeting)

(HA)   7pm - 8pm (Open meeting)


(AA)   6am - 7am  (Closed meeting)

(AA)   10am - 11am (Closed cross talk meeting)

(Al-Anon)  7pm - 8pm


(AA)   Noon - 1pm  (Closed topic meeting)

Interested in starting a new recovery meeting?

Contact Dave L. at

(414) 322-1861